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VO Plan B

with Nic Redman & Leah Marks

Do you have a plan B for your voiceover business? Now is the time to up your acting game so a robot can never replace you! Anne welcomes the dynamic duo of Nic Redman and Leah Marks, hosts of the longest-running, most-listened-to voiceover podcast in the UK!

In this episode, Nic and Leah talk about how to make yourself indispensable as a voice actor and how to advocate for proper AI voice regulation.

"Any company creating an AI voice, is in some way taking away a job from a voice artist." - Leah Marks

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick Concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Nic and Leah host The VO Social, which is the longest-running and most listened to voiceover podcast in the UK

  2. One of their episodes tackled AI, and spoke with the company Sonantic, who created an AI voice that could cry (Faith)

  3. Learn more accents, improve your acting so you are not replaceable by a robot

  4. Even the most believable AI voice is enhanced by the music and environment that it is presented in. This helps it to be more believable

  5. It is currently cheaper to hire a voice actor to record most projects than to manipulate an AI voice to be believable

  6. The Beijing Treaty says that a voice artist who records an AI voice must be properly paid for usage

  7. The Beijing Treaty has not been ratified yet in the USA or the UK

  8. You can write to your representatives and MP’s to let them know you want them to ratify the Beijing Treaty

  9. You should almost never give a company a full buyout

  10. If a contract says you “waive your moral rights” to the recording, this is a red flag

"Talents need to evolve and have a plan B for their business." - Anne

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