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Audition Demolition LIVE
Audition Demolition LIVE
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May 07, 2024, 4:00 PM PDT

Showcase your talent and improve your skills!

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Thank you for for hosting and producing the VO Demolition event. I throughly enjoyed and appreciated the format-- combining a review of an audition with the element of competition and the vulnerability of putting it all out there for everyone to see makes it not only entertaining but incredibly educational (as long as one has a growth mindset). The tangible feedback you provided is valuable as voiceover often feels like reading/screaming/performing into the void, so it's fantastic to have some real things to focus on coming out of the experience.
Bill Hepburn
"This was really enlightening. Can’t wait to do another one of these."
Hopper Stone
"Thanks so much for the precise feedback and for hosting a great event today."
Mark J. Royse
"Saturday's event was a success; one would have thought you were doing the Audition Demolition for a long time! It was an incredible experience for everyone who attended it. Anytime that a voiceover talent can receive feedback on his/her work is educational and so worthwhile. It is even better if that feedback is from a trusted source. You said it best in your feedback email, "We encourage you to use this feedback to continue improving and growing in your voiceover career." Anne, I have participated in a number of your webinars; used your throat spray too; commented on your social media posts; and read and listened to your posts! Every time I come away with another piece of valuable advice. Thank you for the many ways that you give back to the VO Community!"
Pat Kennedy
"Thank you Anne and Lau, this was a great session!"
Sean Mahan
"Thank you for a wonderful experience! Always a great growth opportunity and appreciate your time putting this together."
Bruce Nix
"Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the event today and am so humbled to have taken a win. I also took a bunch of notes to help me improve even more. Thanks again!"
Jindra McIntosh
"THANKS, ANNE & LAU!!! Nice nuggets in this webinar!! I’m shooting to try next time, and maybe get a car!"
Susan Bernard
"So interesting and helpful. Thanks to everyone!"
Elizabeth von Isser
"Yesterday was really informative and helpful. I went thru the feedback that you and Lau left me and I have so many questions. Not just about the audition, but about some of your observations about my voice. (I promise, I'm not asking those questions here). I will continue to participate in the Audition Demolition, as I think it's really helpful."
Hopper Stone
"This was absolutely FABULOUS! THANK YOU ANNE AND LAU!"
Samantha deSuze
"This was incredible! Thank you guys."
Charlie Albers
"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your feedback from the VO Peeps Audition Demolition. I really got a lot out of the session and hope to participate in the next one! Anyway, thank you so much for all your help and hope to work with you again soon..."
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