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with Alex Serdiuk

What if you could perform beyond the limitations of your own voice? Anne is joined by special guest Alex Serdiuk for a bonus Voice & Ai episode. They discuss Respeecher’s speech-to-speech technology, the limitations of your natural voice, and how a synthesized voice is similar to a printing press. The future isn’t just on its way - the future is here - and creative possibilities are endless when human voices and technology work together...

In this bonus Voice & Ai episode, Anne talks with Alex Serdiuk of Respeecher, a speech-to-speech voice synthesizing product that gives creatives more control.
“Technology itself is neither good or bad. It's an instrument like Photoshop, like hammer, or a printing press” - Alex Serdiuk

About Alex Serdiuk

Alex Serdiuk is the CEO of Respeecher, a company whose mission is to help content creators use voices in new and exciting ways. They’ve partnered with Hollywood studios and top video game creators, most famously used in the Mandalorian Series. They do not allow deceptive use of their product or the use of voices without permission. Freeing creatives from the boundaries of text-to-speech, Respeecher gives creative control back to your team.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Respeecher offers speech-to-speech technology for content creators.

  2. The difference between text-to-speech and speech-to-speech is the input.

  3. Speech-to-speech detects and replicates intricate vocal triggers done naturally in conversation. like pronunciation & emotion.

  4. Respeecher removes the boundary of a source speaker’s specific vocal tone.

  5. Respeecher can age, de-age, and ‘resurrect’ voices, giving speakers access to their voice at different periods in their life.

  6. If a voice actor’s synthesized voice is requested for a project, they must give consent for it to be used.

  7. Voice actors can separately sell their voice and their performance.

  8. Respeecher is working on a detection system for synthetic speech and images to prevent misinformation.

  9. Through an ethical approval process, clients must have permission of both the voice and content being used.

  10. Respeecher is focused on creating a high-quality product, which means using professional voice actors to create voice dubs and act as source voices.

“Consumers need to know that what they're listening to may not be human or may have been altered.” - Anne

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Check out Respeecher’s Voice Marketplace + Ethics Statement
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