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Conversational AI

with Ethan Richardson

The AI and Voice series continues with special guest Ethan Richardson, founder of Voiceweave and Conversational AI developer. But wait, what is conversational AI? What makes a good voice app? What makes a good voice site? How can you use AI to level up your VO business? Listen to find out how to rock AI #LIKEABOSS!

In this episode, Ethan discusses what that term means and how a passion for technology can lead to career opportunities.

"People buy from those they know and like, and hearing your voice helps establish trust." - Ethan Richardson

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick Concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Ethan Richardson is a voice app developer for major platforms such as Alexa, Google, and Bixby

  2. Conversational AI is an umbrella term for technologies that can be used to form or imitate a human conversation

  3. A machine has to understand what you say, then process that in context, and then form a response, and produce a voice to playback to you

  4. Conversational AI will feel more real when human voice talent is involved

  5. Diverse, inclusive voices can help make AI more relatable

  6. Ethan has developed Voiceweave, which allows voice actors to have their own voice site on Alexa

  7. Voiceweave is a unique way to market yourself through voice assistant technology

  8. People buy from those they know and like, and hearing your voice helps establish trust

  9. Hearing your voice makes someone feel like they know and trust you, and thus, they are more likely to hire you

  10. Voice sites with Voiceweave allow potential clients to take a virtual tour of your voice services and request an automatic email with your contact information and demos

"Set your mind to it, and go for it. This is how BOSSES pave the way to success." #VOBOSS - Anne

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