Marketing – Frequency and Repetition

Namaste Bosses! Get nice and comfy (in Lotus Position) for today’s show.  Clear your mind, take a deep breath in…and take in all the frequency you can. Hold for a moment… and exhale all the repetition.  Very good!

Repeat this mantra as needed while the Bosses explore all the benefits of Frequency and Repetition and how this simple principle can positively impact your voiceover career!

This is something both our boss ladies are VERY passionate about and even offer a Boss Blast service to talent like you. For more info, go to our marketing page on our website.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. When you’re fed up with something in your brand – your followers are JUST starting to recognize it.

  2. There’s not an exact science for email marketing – but you have to find a balance.

  3. Most voice talent fail to commit to a consistent campaign due to fear of annoyance.

  4. What one person finds annoying, another will not.

  5. Know your audience – don’t waste time and money on irrelevant clients.

  6. Many people give up way too easily.

  7. Make sure your message is authentic and serving the client.

  8. Make sure you’re spam compliant!

  9. If you need help, the Bosses are here!

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Anne: So, Gabby, we got a great testimonial from Susan Glow from the Glow Girls Kid Voiceover.

Gabby: I love them.

Anne: She writes, “in this current voiceover climate, opportunities and auditions don’t come as easily anymore. You have to actively seek out opportunities and get in front of decision-makers. Easier said than done. Our two main obstacles, number one, having the time to cultivate an appropriate target list to meet our goals, and number two, having the time to put together a polished marketing campaign. Enter in the creative VO BOSS team. We discussed Glow Girls Kid Voiceover marketing goals during a focused consultation, the result of which was a vast, cultivated list of producers, creative directors and ad agencies. Within weeks of enacting a strategic VO BOSS Blast, Glow Girls Kid Voiceover more than doubled our ROI. Bottom line, the VO BOSS Blast saved us time and made us money.”