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Development & Negotiations

with Jim Kennelly & Nick Sawka

Calling all “sonic talent” to the negotiation table! In this episode in the AI and Voice series, Anne welcomes two special guests to discuss the vital topic of contracts and negotiation ― Jim Kennelly, owner of Lotas Productions in New York City, and Nicholas Sawka ― Chief of Operations at Voice Spark. Is your VO business tech-forward? Make sure you’re on the leading edge of technology like a #VOBOSS.

In this episode, Jim and Nick share how the AI industry is developing, how it can enhance your voiceover business, why you should be excited about its potential, and more…

"The AI industry is a new opportunity for tech-forward voices, or sonic talents." - Jim Kennelly

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick Concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Lotas productions is one of New York’s one-stop shops for voiceover casting, directing, and recording

  2. Voice Spark is a company that helps people learn and understand the power of voice technology through stories of individuals and companies on the journey

  3. A tech-forward or sonic talent is a talent that incorporates their voice in the AI industry

  4. AI-generated voices are useful when voice talent is unavailable for recording

  5. There isn’t a program in the world that can do what a voice talent does

  6. When you mix AI and real talent, you get a really rewarding experience in a voice app

  7. The monetization of AI is brand new, and conversations with agents, talent, and managers are just starting

  8. It’s important to have a specific contract worked out for every AI job

  9. When a voice talent decides to have their voice cloned/voice dubbed, they are making an investment in their future

  10. AI voices will get better as time goes on, so be sure to only sign short term contracts

"It is our job to be certain that our talent are comfortable with their voice being used nationwide and on millions of home devices." - Nicholas Sawka

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Recorded on ipDTL

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