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VO BOSS Podcast

From creating a winning business mindset and plan to choosing the best marketing strategies & tools, VO BOSS guides voiceover talent toward success. Each week, Anne Ganguzza focuses on a specific topic, helping talent navigate today’s #VO industry and having fun along the way!


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VO BOSS Podcast
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Who is the VO BOSS Audience?

The average VO BOSS listener is a working, professional voice actor or aspiring voiceover talent - a loyal audience committed to improving and bettering their careers. Listeners appreciate the authenticity and candor of our host & guests, the accessibility of information across various platforms, and the brevity and depth of topics covered within each 20-minute episode.

VO BOSS listeners are dedicated entrepreneurs, tuning in regularly to explore topics related to growing and enhancing their business. It takes more than a great voice to make it in today’s voiceover landscape, and VO BOSS listeners constantly seek solutions and strategies for marketing and delivering their voice in ways that give them a competitive advantage.

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