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Digital Voice Rights

with Bev Standing

A modern-day David and Goliath comes to the VO industry. Anne welcomes veteran voice actor and industry warrior Bev Standing, who's taking on media giant Tik Tok, for reportedly using her voice without permission. We hear from Bev about the case filed by Rob Sciglimpaglia. Bev’s story is making waves, and has been featured on the BBC, TikTok, and the Canadian National News. The digital and AI voice industry is just beginning. This case could set precedent to help voice actors protect their digital and audio rights and establish fair usage. We at VO BOSS are #StandingwithBev!

In this episode, Bev shares her experience taking on Tik Tok for reportedly using her voice without permission and her hopes for voice actors protecting their digital and audio rights.

"If companies want to use my voice, they need to speak to me and pay me for the usage." - Bev Standing

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick Concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Bev recorded text to speech voice prompts for a translation company

  2. Bev started to hear from friends that her voice was on Tik Tok, and was confused because she didn’t use Tik Tok, nor were they her client

  3. Bev contacted Rob Sciglimpaglia to check on the legal ramifications of this action and decided to take legal action against the media giant

  4. The lawsuit seeks damages for misappropriating her voice and likeness. TikTok has “traded on Plaintiff’s earned goodwill” and “depriv(ed) the Defendant of the ability to control her reputation.” The plaintiff claimed that TikTok’s conduct violates her right of publicity, as well as the Lanham Act and constitutes unfair competition and deceptive trade practices

  5. Having something in writing that outlines usage is vital to protecting your business

  6. An email is considered a legal contract, but to be safe, having a separate document can be helpful

  7. For your protection, you should have a contract that states specific usage and licensing

  8. Going through the Union, an Agent or Manager can help protect your voice

  9. AI companies are quick to be absorbed. Be sure to outline what happens to your voice and data in this case

  10. Show your support for Bev by using the hashtag #StandingwithBev on social media

"This is the time for voice actors to stand up and define our digital rights so that our voices and data are protected." - Anne

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