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Have a Question?

Please check below for answers before reaching out to us here.

  • How can I be a guest on your podcast?
    Please reach out HERE and our team will be in touch.
  • How can I connect for our recording session?
    We use Riverside for online recording, and you'll find our link and detailed instructions included in your booking email. Please make sure you prepare for our session by finding a quiet space, using a microphone and headphones, and doing a check of your audio before we connect. If you're having trouble, please review the following:
  • How can I reschedule our recording session?
    Reach out to or manage your session by signing in to your online account HERE >>
  • Do you offer voiceover coaching?
    Yes! Anne Ganguzza is an established L.A. area coach, specializing in Corporate, eLearning, Technology, IVR, and Medical Narration. Work with Anne HERE >>
  • How can I reschedule or cancel my appointment?
    Manage your appointments by signing in to your online account HERE >> 24 business hours notice is required to change or cancel an appointment time. Appointments cancelled without 24 business hours notice are non-refundable. Emergencies - If you are unable to cancel or reschedule online, please email and include the date and time of your original session booking with your request.
  • Who will my BOSS Blast be sent to?
    We access a list of agencies and creative buyers who have opted to receive communications - over 45,000+ agency contacts, 19,000+ corporate contacts and 11,000+ design firm contacts ready to receive email marketing from you through VO BOSS. We narrow focus to specific regions and markets, concentrating on the companies & organizations with Creative Directors, Assistants, Producers, Directors most likely to hire you based upon your unique skills and genre focus.
  • What is BOSS Blast Marketing?
    A BOSS Blast is the perfect next step for your marketing if you are a voice talent trying to reach potential clients in commercial, narration, corporate, healthcare and pharmaceutical, retail, or automotive markets. We’ll design, create, and send an email campaign to the region or regions of your choice, with all replies sent directly to your inbox. Share your genre-targeted demos with Producers, Directors, and Creatives across agency and corporate industries. Want to see how this type of campaign can fit into your marketing plan? Book a consult with Anne HERE >>
  • Can I use my own list or add contacts to the list developed through your system?
    Sorry, no. In order to protect our clients and their list data, we are unable to add any lists or contacts that have not been confirmed within the system.
  • How much does a BOSS Blast cost?
    Your initial BOSS Blast fee ($600) covers an initial marketing direction consult with our team, design & writing of your blast content, and selective creation of the targeted regional audience list we’ll send your email to. Your blast will be customized according to your current website/online branding, and includes a follow-up email sent 2 weeks after your initial blast. All replies from your campaign will be sent to your inbox. Cost comparison: Access to list services alone can cost $1K+ Design fees + copywriting can cost $100+ Traditional print campaigns 2-3 times as expensive Learn more about Email Marketing >>
  • What do I need before I create a BOSS Blast?
    Before marketing yourself as a voiceover talent through VO BOSS, you'll need: Voiceover Website Established Branding Concept Genre-targeted Demo(s) We'll create your designs and marketing concept around the look and feel you've already established online, and the audio links we send clients will point directly toward demos on your website. Need help establishing a cohesive branding concept? Book a consult with Anne HERE >>
  • Why should I send a BOSS Blast instead of sending out emails on my own?
    Putting together a list of contacts who agree to receive marketing emails from you can be a daunting task, and sending to larger lists can be expensive. Our lists are permission-based, allowing clients to subscribe/unsubscribe according to current email marketing protocol, and we send via a verified domain, which means our campaigns more likely to not end up in someone’s spam or junk filters. We design, edit, target, and manage your campaigns for you, allowing you to focus on voice over. Put our years of knowledge to work for you, and let our designers and writers create a campaign that’s click-worthy!
  • Will I get to keep the list of contacts after my campaign is over?
    Sorry, but we are unable to release contact information to any third party, including you. What we can do instead is make sure that all replies are sent directly to your email inbox so that any client connections come directly to you!
  • What should I include in my Scheduled Blast?
    We'll send you a content request prior to each blast send date, and you'll choose which information you want included. Need help writing or coming up with ideas? Book a Booster session with Bonnie HERE >>
  • How are Scheduled Blasts different than Boss Blasts?
    Your initial BOSS Blast* is meant to introduce you and your services to clients, while a consistent blast schedule serves to keep people engaged on a more routine basis. Inform potential clients of your recent work, new demos, and availability with branded emails sent on the schedule of your choice. Scheduled blasts are available via subscription and can be sent once a month or once per quarter. *In order to subscribe to a blast schedule, you must already have created at least one BOSS Blast.
  • Who will my Scheduled Blasts be sent to?
    The same contacts who are included in your BOSS Blast(s) will receive your scheduled blasts. This list can be grown by creating additional BOSS Blasts (for new campaigns) or expanding your existing campaign to additional regions.
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