Boss Mindset: Law of Vacuum

with Pamela Muldoon

This week the Bosses discuss The Natural Law of the Vacuum, which states that: “Nature loathes an empty space. So, nature will make sure that empty space is filled, if you don’t.” ​- Steven J. Anderson.

If we don’t fill our schedules, something else will fill it for us. You should plan for the time, clients, and money you haven’t yet landed. Don’t just dream, make plans. Sometimes we must make the hard choices of letting go of clients and activities that don’t bring you joy, to make space for more fulfilling and lucrative activities.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. The Universe has certain laws that can help you move yourself and your business in a new direction.

  2. The more things in the universe that you can control, the better.

  3. The Law of Vacuum states that the universe abhors an empty space, and will expand to fill this space.

  4. This Law works on both physical space, and also how we use our time. 

  5. You only have so much time, be sure to fill it with clients that serve you.

  6. Bless and release activities and clients that do not bring you joy.

  7. To make space for new clients, you might have to let go of long-standing clients who no longer help your business grow.

  8. Sometimes you have to go through bad clients to learn what a good client looks like.

  9. If the words ‘I just don’t have time’ come out of your mouth a lot… ask yourself what’s truly important.

  10. To grow your business, you may have to outsource your work and shift your resources.

  11. You must fill your vacuum of time in a way to make sure you’re accomplishing your goals.

  12. Sometimes you may lose a client, but this opens the door for clients that better serve your needs.

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>> It’s time to take your business to the next level, the BOSS level! These are the premier business owner strategies and successes being utilized by the industry’s top talent today. Rock your business like a BOSS, a VO BOSS. Now let’s welcome your host Anne Ganguzza.

Anne: Hey everyone. Welcome to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, with the amazing special guest cohost, Ms. Pamela Muldoon. Hey Pamela.

Pamela: Hey Anne. Hello.

Anne: How are you?

Pamela: I’m doing okay.

Anne: Yeah.

Pamela: You know, one day at a time just like everybody else.

Anne: It is, yeah, 2020.

Pamela: Yeah. [laughs] I think that says it all, Anne.

Anne: I have to say, so this past week has been, it’s been frustrating. So I had a client this past week who I’m on a contract basis with them. I’ve been doing some work for a while. Pamela, I think you know me, I’m a little bit of an A type.

Pamela: Just a little bit.

Anne: So if I’m – yeah. So if I, if I submit a job, right, you know, it’s the very best that I can do, and I’m pretty anal about that. So –

Pamela: Of course.

Anne: – if somebody comes back to me and says, no [laughs] like we need a pickup, or for whatever reason – if it’s my mistake, of course, it annoys me. If it comes back too many times, I like, I’m done, I’m done already, right? I like to just do something, be creative, be awesome with it, and then submit it. And sometimes, it’s to my detriment if I have a client that comes back too many times. And I don’t mind it if I feel like things are fairly compensated for my time.

Pamela: Sure, yeah.

Anne: I found out that in the fine print of this client, I was under an obligation to perform my retakes for free. And so I was kind of kicking myself. [laughs] I was like wow, that just does not do well for my time nor my business really, because I’m spending the time doing pickups for free, and when I certainly was – I should have, I should have looked at the contract. So now I’m pretty much very close to releasing this client, because –

Pamela: Bless and release them, girl.

Anne: I think I’m going to release. And I think that it speaks to, I’m sure that there will be another client that will fill the space. I think it speaks to this kind of law that I don’t know the name of it, Pam, but there’s a law that I think –

Pamela: It’s one of my favorites.

Anne: Yes, I always tell people, let those clients go that are going to nickel and dime you, because it will give you the time to either get another great client or something will come into its place that will be better for you.

Pamela: Yes, yes. You have to release to let in. Right?

Anne: Release to let in. Is there a name for that, Pamela?

Pamela: There is, Anne, and it’s one of my favorite universal laws. And it’s called the law of vacuum.

Anne: The law of vacuum. Wow, I’ve never heard it termed that way, but okay.

Pamela: Yeah.

Anne: Tell me more. Tell me more.

Pamela: Yeah. It’s, it’s a really – when you really understand there are certain universal laws that just when you understand them, you can use the power of this understanding to actually kind of move yourself from a personal development and also business development in a whole new direction. The law of vacuum is one of my favorites, and this is one of the many reasons why. Because sometimes the world around us feels like it’s controlling us, and so then we have to ask ourselves the question, how do we kind of take our control back?

Anne: That’s so, so important in this time especially, Pam, where I feel like we’re a little out of control especially with me, A type, wanting to always be in control. That’s a little unsettling. The more things I can put in my control, the better.

Pamela: Absolutely. And so what I love about the law of vacuum, which in a very basic description is basically that the universe abhors or loathes an empty space. Right? Just think about this in your house. Even perhaps your booth. It was once an empty space. Right?

Anne: That it was.

Pamela: Then you started to intentionally fill it with your microphone or you know, like I have got my monitor here, I got my interface. I’ve got – intentionally filling it. So then I would encourage anyone listening, take a look at your booth. What else is in there that’s not intentional? It continues to fill up. You can think about this in terms of space. The reaction of how you’re feeling about your client, the law of vacuum works not only in terms of an actual space but how we use our time and take on clients, for example. Because you only have so much bandwidth as a human. Correct?

Anne: Oh my goodness, time, yes. Time is precious.

Pamela: And so if you can only do so much with your clients, then how are you filling that time and how are you filling your arsenal of clients, your list of clients?

Anne: Right.

Pamela: Exactly. And is it congruent to who you are and your value system and your belief system?  It’s – you know, one of my favorite people on the planet [laughs] is one of my life coach friends. Her name is Lori Wonder, and she really reminded me years ago, it’s not supposed to be hard. It’s a reminder –

Anne: Right?

[both laugh]

Anne: So simple, but yeah, it’s not supposed to be hard.

Pamela: It’s not supposed to be hard, Anne. And this client it sounds like was hard, right? And so you have a choice. You can continue and let, this client stays on your roster, right, your roster, and you have to, you only have so much time, so you have to fill it, that client is taking some of that. Or to your point, you can bless and release it.

Anne: That’s what I do, bless and release it.

Pamela: And refill it. Yes, yes, yes. [laughs]

Anne: Whenever I’m like I should not be, but yes, I should, I should. And that’s a great, great point, because I have always kind of felt – I never knew it was called the law of the vacuum, but interesting that you say it like that because now things start to fall into place for me, because I’ve always – even in the way I’ve designed my business, and I think we’ve gone over this, where we’re multiple passion-preneurs, right? So we want to fill our business and our day with things that bring us joy and things that, you know, help us to grow. And so like I have always said, I have those tendrils of my business, and I think that that’s an intentional fill of space. Even if I want to relate it to my shoes, Pam, okay, I’m going to relate it to my – I have cubbyholes. Right? I have cubbyholes that I bought I think at like IKEA or something, and there are only so many spaces. And the one space fills a pair of shoes, right? And I have like probably 70 cubbyholes? And so my husband makes fun of me.

Pamela: There is no judgment o shoes here, Anne.