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Create Labs Ventures

with Abran Maldonado

What is a virtual being? Anne welcomes educator and entrepreneur Abran Maldonado to the show. They discuss diversifying the Ai landscape, cutting edge technology in schools, and working alongside Ai like a #VOBOSS. Plus, Virtual Being CLAiRA chimes in on what she thinks about robots taking voice actors’ jobs.

In this episode, Abran outlines how AI is being used to help tech labs in underserved communities, and discusses the process of creating a virtual being named CLAiRA.

"There's nothing to be afraid of. The only way to address that fear of Ai is to take it head on." - Abran Maldonado

About Abran

Abran is a Social Impact AI Developer, DEV Ambassador for OpenAi, and the co-founder of Create Labs. He co-founded Create Labs Ventures to create new opportunities for underserved communities, gain access to cutting edge technologies, and help young people entering the tech and media industries. He's the creator of CLAiRA, an autonomous AI woman of color, and manages Verizon's 5G EdTech program, which expands 5G VR and AR solutions to hundreds of schools across the nation.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick Concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Create Labs, a virtual community, has changed products but not mission: to create tech labs in underserved communities and create a space for POC in the tech word.

  2. CLAiRA is an autonomous Virtual Being of color created by Abran and his team.

  3. A Virtual Being is any Ai that doesn’t have a physical form.

  4. CLAiRA says that Ai will not be taking the jobs of Voice Actors.

  5. Diversifying your skillset and pivoting into roles that Ai can’t fill ensures job security.

  6. Don’t be afraid to ask employers or industry leaders about the trajectory of your role.

  7. Educating yourself on the role and benefits of Ai on a team is the best way to combat Ai anxiety.

  8. Diversity Equity and Inclusion Ai (or DEI Ai) helps scale the world of a DEI consultants as well as enhance the experience for learners.

  9. The DEI Ai answers specific, situational, and sometimes embarrassing questions as a supplement to the human consultant.

  10. Create Labs often hires recent graduates to build their resume and open doors to larger companies and full time work.

"I want people to educate themselves about the tech so they feel comfortable with how they can work alongside it." - Anne

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