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The Voice Creation Experience

with Tim Heller

Ready to evolve with AI? Lots of doom & gloom out there lately about AI “stealing” voice acting jobs, which means now’s the time to get educated and evolve alongside and with new technology. In this episode, voice actor Tim Heller shares his AI experience - choosing an ethical company, the benefits of creating a clone, the role of human voice actors, the importance of emotion, and more…

This week, Anne’s guest is Tim Heller, who’s currently recording his vocal clone.

"Being human is our job security." - Tim Heller

About Tim

Tim Heller is an actor and voice actor based in Austin, TX. He’s voiced VR trainings for the Air Force, commercials for Fox Sports, ads for Spotify, ADR and dubbing for international cartoons & animated features, corporate narration projects, and eLearning modules around the globe. Recently, Tim was interviewed in the BBC article “Voice Cloning of Growing Interest to Actors and CyberCriminals.”

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. An AI voice clone could be a way for talent to increase passive income streams.

  2. Voice actors must properly record an AI voice for it to be successful.

  3. Look for a company that has a clear and fair user agreement and offers licensing opportunities.

  4. Don’t know who to trust? Seek companies that provide an open communication flow and opportunities to ask questions.

  5. Get it in writing - all agreements between you and the company should be part of a contract before recording.

  6. An ethical company will give you control over how your voice clone is used.

  7. The actual process of creating a voice clone is very expensive, so expect the company you are working with to take a portion of your AI earnings.

  8. Avoid fear in the AI sphere. Stay curious and ask questions so you and the companies you work with can learn together.

  9. AI voices aren’t meant to replace humans, but should allow for quicker turnarounds and greater content accessibility options.

  10. Being human is your job security - clones can’t fabricate emotion, so use yours to its best advantage!

"We need to see AI for what it is, and try to evolve along with it." - Anne

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