with Jay LeBoeuf

If you can dream it, it can happen! Jay LeBoeuf from Descript joins Anne to discuss the benefits of having a voice clone and how Descript can improve work-from-home potential for talent. Remove filler words with one click, adjust your audio via transcript, fix errors using an Overdub voice clone, and so much more. Use your voice beyond its in-person potential with tools that bring the power of AI editing directly to talent.

In this episode, Jay from Descript explains how their program works and its potential for producers and talent alike.

"You shouldn't have to spend hundreds and hundreds of extra dollars to download and learn tools when you have problems with your content." - Jay LeBoeuf

About Jay

Jay LeBoeuf is the Business Development lead at Descript, best known for integrating AI into music production. He worked at Avid ProTools and iZotope before founding Imagine Research, an applied research company, and Real Industry, an educational non-profit for students aspiring to work in the music industry. Jay lectures on Media Technology and Business at Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, and The University of Michigan.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. AI is another tool to improve your businesses.

  2. AI is currently integrated into many of the creative products we use on a daily basis.

  3. Descript allows creators to create and edit audio and video as simply as typing.

  4. Create instant transcripts from screen recordings, and edit the corresponding audio using Descript.

  5. Remove filler words - get rid of your “ums” and “likes” with the click of a button.

  6. Instantly improve your studio sound with the click of a button.

  7. Using Overdub, fix mistakes and errors in your recording.

  8. With only 10 minutes of voice data, you can decide to create an Overdub voice clone.

  9. Your voice clone’s delivery styles can be quickly adjusted within Descript.

  10. You control your use of your digital voice.

"An AI voice can allow you to offer a lower budget option to a client" - Anne

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