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Special Guest : George Washington III

All Treat – No Tricks!  A Candid Conversation with…. George Washington III!

Straight from Gabby’s neck of the woods, George Washington III, voice actor, campus director, opera singer, and father of 4 joins Anne and Gabby to talk about how he got into voice over, what he does to get his voice out there and also shares some VERY cool tech shortcuts that could help your daily auditioning!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Staying up to date on new technology keeps you at the top of your game!

  2. If you are laid off, use can this as a push to make voiceover your full time career.

  3. Networking with other VO artists and professionals in the industry is key to expanding your career.

  4. Get your information to production studios, rosters, potential clients!

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