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Special Guest: Rebecca Davis

Anne and Gabby and special guest Rebecca Davis share tons of laughs, passion and wisdom in this week’s episode. Rebecca is an actress who has been on stages and on-camera all her life, but after a few voiceover gigs, realized her calling and left the on-camera world behind. She shares her perspective on work and life, her take on the infamous “LA bubble” and her biggest advice for VO newbies!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Make fun quirky things you do a part of your personal brand, just like Rebecca did with her traveling Ninja!

  2. Remember where your passions are! If you loved doing something, it’s ok to switch gears and pursue that passion!

  3. A positive attitude makes you memorable!

  4. Take breaks! Get out of the booth, stop working and enjoy other things, to avoid burnout!

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