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Special Guest: Monique Bagwell

How emotionally intelligent are you? In this episode Anne and Gabby interview voice actress Monique Bagwell and explore the fascinating world of Alba Emoting and how it can impact your acting career. This podcast is a precursor to the VO BOSS University class on Emotional Intelligence.

Monique generously shares her level headed approach to business as well as ways to identify and combat common emotional stressors that can affect your VO performance.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Emotional intelligence is a better predictor of success than intelligence quotient (IQ)

  2. Emotional intelligence is about awareness of your emotions, and the emotions of others, and adapting your behavior to have healthy responses to emotions.

  3. You can’t ignore your emotions, you have to process them and get them out of your system!

  4. Learning about emotional intelligence can help keep you level headed and more successful in your business.

Referenced in this Episode

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