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Scribe Audio

with Ali Zia Khan

Did you know there are over 47 million books listed on Amazon, but only 300,000 of them are listed on Audible? More audiobooks mean more accessibility for blind and disabled people. Anne and special guest Ali Zia Khan, founder of Scribe Audio, talk about how AI is transforming the audiobook industry in this episode in the AI & Voice series. Scribe Audio is using AI and working voice actors to expand the audiobook market. According to Ali, human voices aren’t going anywhere!

In this episode, Ali discusses how you can use new technology to create passive income and make AI work for you!

"Having audiobooks available makes them more accessible to blind and disabled individuals." - Ali Khan

About Ali

Ali is the CEO of Scribe Audio and an ML engineer who's worked with computer vision and AI for the healthcare, retail, banking, and taxi domains, including helping Fortune 500 companies solve their problems with cutting-edge tech. Drawing upon his in-depth ML knowledge and passion for teaching, Ali has successfully trained 500+ people in data science and AI.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Scribe Audio is aiming to make millions of new books available to consumers in audio format by using AI voices

  2. Less than 1% of books are available in audiobook format

  3. Scribe takes audio and synthesizes an AI voice, and then a QC team (who act as “proofers”) code the audiobook for emotion and adjust the AI accordingly

  4. Scribe Audio partners with voice actors, models their voices, and then compensates the actor for each book produced using their AI voice

  5. Scribe has over 50 voices and plans to expand to over 100 voices

  6. Voice actors can use a pseudonym when they record for the platform

  7. After a voice actor’s voice is modeled, they do not have any involvement

  8. Scribe is in talks with SAG - AFTRA to figure out how union work will be incorporated and impacted

  9. For the foreseeable future, AI will only expand the audiobook market. It will not replace traditional audiobook narrators

  10. Publishers will likely still use human voice actors for popular titles

"The human voice is a critical element to the success of an audiobook." #VOBOSS - Anne

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Learn more about the Audio Publisher's Association
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