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AI Direction

with Hugh Edwards

A revolution in the voice industry has begun. In this episode in the AI series, Anne welcomes Hugh Edwards, CEO of Gravy For The Brain, who has produced and directed over 40 AI voice projects. If you think AI means fewer jobs for voice actors, you’ll want to listen to this conversation. With more companies creating AI voices, VO is also evolving.

In this episode, Hugh shares why AI is an opportunity to grow your business like a #VOBOSS.

"As voice artists, we’re in a unique position to get in on the ground floor of AI voices." - Hugh Edwards

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick Concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Initially, all AI voices were recorded using the same algorithm

  2. When Google released its development cloud, anyone could create AI voices using their open-source algorithm

  3. There are currently more than 200 companies making voices

  4. If a voice is close to human-sounding, but not perfect, the human brain will reject this

  5. Currently, AI voices will still trigger the “uncanny valley” effect, but we are moving out of the valley

  6. Replica is a company that wants to fairly compensate voice actors

  7. Vocal ID is another company that works ethically with voice actors

  8. With AI characters, you can only use the same AI voice one show or video game, so there is actually more work for voice actors than we think

  9. Along with AI, comes the ethical question of “where does your voice stop being your voice”?

  10. The head of R and D at Google will be speaking at the One Voice conference

"The next digital AI revolution is Voice." - Anne

Referenced in this Episode

Direct links to things we brought up ++

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