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with Andrew Curnock

Our next guest in Voice and AI series – Andrew Curnock fought for the rights of music creatives to be able to license their work in the gaming industry. He wants to bring this same model of licensing to AI Voices through his work at Replica Studios. Replica is a text-to-speech AI voice generation engine that is currently focusing on voices for video games, primarily place-holder voices.

In this episode, Andrew Curnock talks about the future of AI voices in video games, the voice actor’s place in character acting, and how to license your voice for a possible stream of passive income like a #VOBOSS.

"Storytelling is fundamentally human." - Andrew

About Andrew

Andrew is the Talent Coordinator for Replica Studios. Replica’s core technology takes a few minutes of speech and creates a Replica Voice which can be given a script to say anything. Replica is launching a product to make it easy for voice talent to create their own Replica Voice and enabling voice talent to license their voice at scale.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Andrew works with voice actors to help them create AI voices for Replica’s platform

  2. Replica is a text-to-speech AI voice generation engine that is currently focusing on voices for video games, primarily place-holder voices

  3. Replica always wants to be transparent with voice actors and acknowledges their concerns about usage, and licenses audio. Replica does not own the audio in perpetuity

  4. For now, Replica is paying a flat rate for a 12 month license period

  5. Video game AI voices can be new avenues for revenue for voice talent

  6. Voice actors recording for Replica need to be strong character actors

  7. To be believable, AI voices must have a contrast between moods and emotions and take into account the musicality of a voice

  8. Andrew works with voice talent and addresses any concerns

  9. Any voice actor who is afraid of AI voices, doesn’t understand AI voices

  10. Replica needs more voices – if you would like to audition, pick a character and record it with three contrasting moods and send this in!

There is a melody to human conversation. AI can’t mimic this yet... - Anne

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