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Inside AI Production

with Sam Ufret and Judy Fossum

In this episode of the VO Boss AI series, Anne welcomes Sam Ufret of Lotas Productions in New York City and Judy Fossum, a voice talent who has worked in the AI voice realm. Listen to this stimulating conversation to learn how talent can work with AI to make sure you’re part of shaping this evolving industry.

In this episode, Sam and Judy discuss producing AI voices, fair compensation, and defining the standards of AI voices.

"Throw yourself into AI voices, and help be part of the people shaping this industry." - Sam Ufret

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick Concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Sam Ufret is a director and Producer from Lotas Productions in New York City

  2. Judy Fossum has worked with Lotas to produce her AI voice

  3. To record an AI voice, you record a group of sentences and paragraphs to collect phonemes which can be later put together to produce content you didn’t originally record

  4. Lotas productions is working with talent to make share there is fair compensation for voiceovers and synthetic voices

  5. Voiceover for AI sounds clunky right now, but will sound great in 10 years. This is the time to get in on the ground floor

  6. AI dubs can take away the need for daunting pickup sessions, or changing dates and prices in a commercial

  7. The human ear tunes out a synthesized voice after a few minutes of listening to it

  8. There’s an emotion and heart behind teaching behind the mic. People appreciate a real voice in eLearning

  9. Things like IVR may be taken over, but traditional voiceover areas, still need human voice actors

  10. Voice actors need to continue to improve their skillsets to stand out above an AI voice

As long as you’re fairly compensated, why not get in on the ground floor of AI voices? #VOBOSS - Anne

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