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AI Ethics

with Ahmed Bouzid and Shymala Prayaga

Anne welcomes special guests Ahmed Bouzid, founder and CEO of Witlingo, and Shymala Prayaga, founder of Digital Assistant Academy. Learn ways to use AI to expand your VO business.

In this episode, Ahmed Bouzid and Shymala Prayaga talk ethics, protecting your sonic brand, and AI best practices and more…

"Real voice talent is a skill that is hard to mimic." - Ahmed Bouzid

About Witlingo

Audience sourced digital radio creation, publication, and maintenance. Witlingo’s clients create, publish, and manage digital radio channels powered by the voice of their audiences.

About Digital Assistant Academy

Digital Assistant Academy provides training, certifications, and consultation in the niche technologies like voice interaction design/conversation design. We believe that when acquiring any skills you need to focus on functional and non functional skills. Our training is designed to provide you a blend of both functional and non-functional skills to use your potential to its complete capacity.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick Concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Witlingo builds tools and solutions to deliver speech recognition-based experience on platforms such as Alexa and Cortana. They also create and manage digital “radio stations” powered by the voice of their audience

  2. The Digital Assistant Academy provides training, certification, and consultations in the niche technologies like voice interaction design and conversation design

  3. Since 2015, virtual assistants have been on the rise, which has led to more AI voices

  4. Professional voice talent make the AI more believable and are indispensable

  5. Sound has become an intrinsic part of the brand

  6. Voices make businesses money and should be compensated

  7. For many TTS projects, voice talent are only paid for the session time to record, not usage, and the company owns the TTS voice

  8. Businesses exist to make money. They won’t always treat voice talent ethically. Laws have to be passed in order to protect voice talent

  9. We have to organize and create organizations to lobby for laws

  10. Voice talent need to realize how they contribute to a company’s brand and stand up for their rights

"As a brand, you must decide what kind of voice you want, and how to make it inclusive, regardless of age, ability, and situation." - Shymala Prayaga

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