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Women in Voice

with Jennie Stenhouse

Jennie draws on her experiences as a voice developer on projects such as Samsung Bixby and Alexa. Jennie also talks about her position with Women in Voice, a non-profit organization whose mission is to celebrate, empower, and amplify women and minority genders in the voice technology industry.

Learn how to educate yourself like a #VOBOSS about new and emerging technologies that will affect your business.

"If you get involved in the right have the wealth and knowledge you can bring to this space and to the industry to make a better experience overall... " - Jennie Stenhouse

Top Takeaways

Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. The Mission of Women in Voice: To amplify, celebrate and empower women and minority genders in the voice industry

  2. Women have not historically been represented in the AI Voice industry. Women in voice was founded in 2018 to change this

  3. The organization consists of developers, designers, marketers, recruiters, scientists, and voice artists

  4. When people with different thoughts, backgrounds, and beliefs get together and disagree, they come up with better ideas and solutions and make better decisions

  5. Membership is free to Women in Voice, which is a non-profit organization

  6. Voice artists forget that it’s inherently needed and necessary for AI voices to be developed

  7. AI can be used to help those with disabilities and improve access

  8. Voice technology will continue to grow, and we need to educate ourselves and see how we can contribute

  9. The tools for manipulating AI voices are currently rudimentary and AI voices cannot be directed easily. Voice actors are still integral

  10. AI can’t sound more human without using human voices

"We have to figure out how we can become a part of this to move forward." - Anne

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