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Growing Respeecher

with Alex Serdiuk

Have you ever wanted to be someone else (or maybe just sound like someone else?). Expand your performance reach with speech-to-speech technology and explore new options as an actor! Anne & Alex Serdiuk from Respeecher discuss how voice actors can benefit from incorporating digitized voice options into their repertoire using the Respeecher platform. They chat tech, marketplace, usage, and just a few of the possibilities available to VO talent using speech-to-speech to enhance their acting range…

In this bonus Voice and AI episode, Anne & Alex discuss how VO actors can use Respeecher to expand their performance range…

WINNER: Outstanding Podcast (Craft and Business of Voice Acting - Best Producer or Host)

“I don't envision any foreseeable future where technology would be able to eliminate voice actors from equation..." - Alex Serdiuk

About Alex Serdiuk

Alex Serdiuk is the CEO of Respeecher, a company whose mission is to help content creators use voices in new and exciting ways. They’ve partnered with Hollywood studios and top video game creators, most famously used in the Mandalorian Series. They do not allow deceptive use of their product or the use of voices without permission. Freeing creatives from the boundaries of text-to-speech, Respeecher gives creative control back to your team.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Respeecher enables speech-to-speech performances that require acting #VOBOSS

  2. Easily convert your performance’s timbre, pitch, and resonance using speech-to-speech #VOBOSS

  3. This voice marketplace enables an actor to convert their voice into a wide range of possible sounds, including ‘younger’ versions of themselves

  4. You can even use Respeecher as a singer, changing your performance range!

  5. Speech-to-speech technology is 100% reliant upon a voice actor’s performance #VOBOSS

  6. Use Respeecher to “save” your voice from damaging or harsh character requirements #VOBOSS

  7. Record in one language, and Respeecher can output your performance as a native speaker of another language

  8. Fun stuff: perform as a dog, cat, or chicken!

  9. Respeecher developers don’t forsee a future where voice actors are eliminated from the equation because no machine can outperform the human voice

  10. Voice technology can change the lives of those with vocal issues due to health or injury

"This technology can be used to help us rather than take our jobs away." - Anne

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