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VO On the Road

with Laya Hoffman

There’s no off season in voice over - which can be a blessing and a curse! Being on the road in VO requires careful consideration of equipment, environment, your clients’ needs, your business goals, and your own sanity(!). Anne and Laya chat vacations and voice over, including what it takes to maintain a complicated artist work/life balance while traveling. They’ll tell you how to reduce your anxiety level while heading out on the road by putting together an organized mobile studio and communicating with your agents, managers, and clients + offer tips about how to set healthy boundaries around your business. Get ready for your next trip with #VOBOSS advice and recommendations…

In this episode, Anne and Laya share tips, ideas, and practical advice about traveling as a voice actor - gear + mindset and so much more!

"It actually gives me great joy to be able to travel and take my work with me." - Laya Hoffman

About Laya Hoffman

Laya Hoffman is an Atlanta based Voice Actor & Podcaster with over 20 years on the mic, specializing in Commercial, Corporate, Promos, and other short form audio projects for forward thinking brands like BMW, Google, Amazon, AAA, Kind Snacks, HBO, ESPN & hundreds more. A former Marketing Exec, Nightclub DJ, and Creative Agency Lead, Laya brings a modern minded approach to her voice work. She is the producer of the She Sounds Like Me Podcast, which she co-hosts with her 8 year old daughter Cyla. Laya is on a mission to advocate for equality, ensuring that all women know they can stand up, speak out and be heard.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Being on the road in VO requires a special mentality - you’re never really on vacation.

  2. Consider the genres you work in and what that means in terms of your availability.

  3. Make sure to factor auditioning into your travel time in a way that works for you.

  4. Put together a really well-organized and easy-to-use travel rig with a great mic. #VOBOSS

  5. Consider booking studio time at your destination, as a way to know your recording space will be perfect.

  6. Being able to work while traveling can help level anxiety and bring peace of mind. #VOBOSS

  7. Create boundaries with your work/play balance, and try to be present while on vacation.

  8. Have conversations with your agents, managers, and clients - be clear about your availability.

  9. Include your bookout dates (those days you’re unavailable) in your email signature.

  10. Taking regular breaks during your everyday work week can help your vacation feel more relaxing! #VOBOSS

“Make sure you're refreshing your creativity with time off, but don't miss out on the opportunities that may come your way!” - Anne

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