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Modern Wellness

with Laya Hoffman

Is your yoga instructor on your business expense list? How about an ENT? If not, perhaps they should be. In this episode, Anne & Laya explore the role diet + exercise play in their businesses, how to take a break, and why you should try face yoga (really, it’s a thing!). If you're feeling a sense of business burnout , listen for tips and ideas to help overcome the overwhelming.

Anne & Laya share the physical + mental health practices that help their body, mind and businesses thrive.

"Give yourself the courtesy and respect to know when to take it easy." - Laya Hoffman

About Laya

Laya Hoffman is an Atlanta based Voice Actor & Podcaster with over 20 years on the mic, specializing in Commercial, Corporate, Promos, and other short form audio projects for forward thinking brands like BMW, Google, Amazon, AAA, Kind Snacks, HBO, ESPN & hundreds more. A former Marketing Exec, Nightclub DJ, and Creative Agency Lead, Laya brings a modern minded approach to her voice work. She is the producer of the She Sounds Like Me Podcast, which she co-hosts with her 8 year old daughter Cyla. Laya is on a mission to advocate for equality, ensuring that all women know they can stand up, speak out and be heard.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. A healthy voice requires full body wellness #VOBOSS

  2. Get to know your body + how it performs throughout the day #VOBOSS

  3. Knowing yourself means learning the solutions to physical and mental problems that arise #VOBOSS

  4. Every great voice actor should have a great ENT.

  5. Flexibility is physical and mental. Try face yoga, stretching in the booth, or seeing a massage therapist.

  6. The comparison and rejection that comes with this industry can negatively impact your mental health #VOBOSS

  7. Write positive affirmations and leave them in or around your booth.

  8. You don’t need to do every audition #VOBOSS

  9. Sometimes, getting out of the booth is the key to a fresh read #VOBOSS

  10. Not taking days off to care for yourself will eventually cost you money #VOBOSS

"Being warmed up and physically healthy is important, but mental wellness is essential to great performances." - Anne Ganguzza

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