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Modern Marketing 101

with Laya Hoffman

You know your favorite brands stand out, but do you know yourself well enough to blend your business & creative persona into cohesive fonts, colors, and branding? If not, Anne & Laya are here to help! In this episode, they’ll explain how to put your best virtual foot forward through introspection,crowdsourcing, and (most importantly) acting like the #VOBOSS you already are.

Tune in as Anne & Laya teach you how to find your brand through introspection and crowdsourcing + how to properly fake it until you’re making it...

"Keeping your brand fresh + current comes down to knowing who you are as a person + a creative." - Laya Hoffman

About Laya

Laya Hoffman is an Atlanta based Voice Actor & Podcaster with over 20 years on the mic, specializing in Commercial, Corporate, Promos, and other short form audio projects for forward thinking brands like BMW, Google, Amazon, AAA, Kind Snacks, HBO, ESPN & hundreds more. A former Marketing Exec, Nightclub DJ, and Creative Agency Lead, Laya brings a modern minded approach to her voice work. She is the producer of the She Sounds Like Me Podcast, which she co-hosts with her 8 year old daughter Cyla. Laya is on a mission to advocate for equality, ensuring that all women know they can stand up, speak out and be heard.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Your brand is packaging who you are as a person and creative. Look inward + grab inspiration from brands you love #VOBOSS

  2. Create something you are proud of to market and brand #VOBOSS

  3. Ask friends, clients, co-workers, and strangers which words, phrases & images come to mind when they think of you (that’s your brand!) #VOBOSS

  4. Your brand & branded photos should reflect who you are. If you love them, others will too! #VOBOSS

  5. Staying authentic with your brand will lead like-minded people to what you have to offer #VOBOSS

  6. Keep your your brand consistent across your website, storefront, and social media platforms #VOBOSS

  7. Present like the pro you are! Set up your website and custom email address before reaching out to clients. #VOBOSS

  8. Feeling inexperienced? Reference life experience and relevant work in adjacent markets. It all counts! #VOBOSS

  9. Don’t be afraid to outsource so you can put energy into what brings you joy! #VOBOSS

  10. Put yourself out there + engage with clients and peers to stay top of mind #VOBOSS

"Before you start sharing, create your brand and have something worth marketing." - Anne Ganguzza

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