Marketing – Out of the Box

with Kesha Monk

In this episode of the Entrepreneur Hustle series, Anne and special guest co-host Kesha Monk talk about strategies to get the most out of your marketing efforts. These two bosses dive into why you can’t skip social media, demos, the importance of giving your marketing materials a professional “finish,” and how to make yourself stand out. Listen and learn how to market your business like a #VOBOSS.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. It’s essential to update your marketing strategies as current events change the industry

  2. You should have a thorough understanding of your potential clients’ needs to successfully market to them

  3. Agents are only one part of the equation, you should also market yourself independently

  4. You should have, at minimum, a professional website and quality demos to market yourself successfully

  5. If you want to market on social media, it should reflect your voice acting career

  6. When starting out in voiceover, you may need to supplement your income with an additional job

  7. Once you have a thorough understanding of what it takes for success in VO, your marketing efforts will follow suit

  8. Dive deep into every resource that is available online, including business and marketing coaches

  9. You should incorporate SEO into your website and social media 

  10. The words on your website and social media should accurate describe your business, so they can be properly indexed and show up on search engines

  11. Your social media will be at the top of the search results on Google, so make sure you keep it professional

  12. Creative marketing strategies will stand out and help to start the conversation

  13. Offer your voiceover services to people in your network. For example, If you notice their phone systems need an update, send them a sample of what you can do

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>> It’s time to take your business to the next level, the BOSS level! These are the premiere Business Owner Strategies and Successes being utilized by the industry’s top talent today. Rock your business like a boss, a VO BOSS! Now let’s welcome your host, Anne Ganguzza.

Anne: Hey everyone, welcome to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host Anne Ganguzza along with my lovely, very special guest cohost, Miss Kesha Monk.

Kesha: Hello!

Anne: Hello Kesha!

Kesha: How are you? You look beautiful over there, girl.

Anne: You too, as always.

Kesha: [laughs]

Anne: As always. So Kesha, it’s a new year, and it’s a crazy year. And I think it’s always appropriate to talk about how to market in a new year, especially because we’re really going through some unique times here, and there could be some changes in… paradigm shifts. So I would love to hear how you market your VO business. Do you have a set regimen? What’s your, what are your thoughts? What are your strategies?

Kesha: So I have to be 100% honest with you. When I got into voiceover, I kind of tripped in, right? I kind of, like I auditioned to get a contract with an agency. And they gave it to me. And I, to be honest really, I think that, at the time I signed that contract, I really didn’t have a thorough understanding of what voiceover was, because I had my radio background. And I think within the first couple of months, I just thought that, you know, I’m just reading the words on a paper just like I produced commercials at the radio station. Oh boy, was I wrong! Oh boy, was I wrong! For years, I kind of just like hid in the bowels of that agency, just basically accepting auditions, and then, you know, I didn’t even really thoroughly have an understanding of the business. I didn’t realize I could have multiple representation. I just, I was in my comfort zone. I got an audition, I auditioned. And when I had a session, I just did any session. I didn’t do any marketing.

Anne: And interestingly enough, I, you know, you are, it’s such a, an interesting way to get into voiceover. It’s not typical.

Kesha: It’s not your typical way, right.

Anne: It’s not your typical way. So I think a lot of new voiceover talent, when they just get into the industry, they’re like, “ok, so I’m gonna create a demo, and then…”

Kesha: Right.

Anne: Me, a long time ago, I was like, “when does the agent contact me?” [laughs]

Kesha: Right, exactly.

Anne: That’s how naive I was. But I know that today there’s a lot of resources online that are saying, ok, so agents are one, only one part of the equation. And I think yeah, obviously that’s true. And so for new voice talent, they may, they maybe don’t have or didn’t have or don’t have the luxury of having an agency because they haven’t been established yet. They don’t have a demo, they haven’t done any work.

Kesha: Exactly.

Anne: So —

Kesha: They haven’t done any coaching. They don’t have the education, and they probably didn’t have the VO podcast like a library, a wealth of information, to point them in the right direction. So I get it. And I’m not looking down on those who kind of just want to get in and get a demo. It’s really a matter of being unaware. Right?

Anne: You don’t know what you don’t know.

Kesha: Yeah! You don’t know what you just don’t know. That’s basically, that was my approach at first. And I did that for years. I want to say within the past two years, I really started getting serious about marketing myself, which meant having a very clean, great website. And then also understand, you could have a pretty website, but if you don’t have any demos or any, you know, any work to feature on the website, it’s nothing. I think subconsciously, I really didn’t want to launch a website because I really didn’t have anything to put on it.

Anne: Got it, got it. And now when you had your agent, were you doing voiceover full-time, or were you also doing other things?

Kesha: I, let me see. Take me back. When I first got into voiceover — ok, so I was doing that full-time. And then I started experiencing a drought. Like —

Anne: Yeah. Well, it’s tough!

Kesha: I’m really tired of eating noodles, so I need to go out and get a job.

Anne: It’s tough with just an agent, because they really are, and like today even more so, it is just a percentage of — for me, I do a different type of work typically than what you do. But still it’s only one part of my opportunities that are in front of my eyeballs at any given time to do voiceover work. So and then at one point, you’re just like, well, I have to do something else. Right? How else am I gonna get work? I had to go get a part-time job when I first started doing full-time work as well, because it was tough. Man, I was auditioning, auditioning, and I had — I didn’t have an agent. I actually started auditioning and doing pay-to-plays first, and then I got an agent like four years later. So for me it was totally opposite of you, because —

Kesha: Right.

Anne: — I was like, “well, why didn’t the agent contact me?” That was me being naive. And then I realized, when I entered, it was like, well, you really can’t get an agent until you have established yourself and have some work under your belt.

Kesha: But it sounds like you just had to kind of figure it out. You know? And then that’s what experience is. Experience is the greatest teacher, right? And so therefore again, nine, ten years in, I really do believe that I am at a particular level in my career. I have such a thorough understanding of what this thing is about that I can’t lose. Losing is not an option.

Anne: Yeah. I love that you said that.

Kesha: You know what I’m saying? So long as you go about the marketing thing, yeah.

Anne: I love that you said that because I think when you have a passion, you have a dream, and you want to do it, you know, it is not an option to fail actually. That was how I approached the business. Like I like literally quit my job, moved across the country, and said I’m going to give this voiceover thing a full-time, you know, my entire eight hours a day or whatever, 12 hours a day, it’s my full attention. And the option is I will not fail.

Kesha: And I guarantee you, I can guarantee — listen, I’ll bet good money that once your mindset shifted, once it shifted, and you had a thorough understanding of what it was going to take to be successful in this business, you started booking more, didn’t you?

Anne: Oh yeah. And you hit the nail on the head there. It’s once you understood, right, what’s required to be successful — mind you, you know, I love the whole “I’ve got a dream and I’m gonna pursue it,” but you also have to be educated so that you know what’s required to go after the dream and to make that dream a reality. So it isn’t without education when you form that dream and you have that “look, I will not fail.” You have to know realistically what’s out there, how you can achieve it, and then try to think outside the box too so that you can, you can grow.

Kesha: And marketing is a huge part of the equation.

Anne: Yes. Yes. And that’s a part of the equation that not many people know. I mean, in the creative industries, they’re, it’s not something like, “I didn’t go to school for marketing.” The only thing I do know is that I love the Internet. And you know, I’ve always said, I’ll say it again, I’d marry the Internet if I could, because it allows me a lot of information at my fingertips. And all of my marketing was research, taking classes online, learn, learn by example. I think I signed up for, I can’t even tell you how many mailing lists so that I could understand how email works, email marketing works. And so really it was, it was a deep dive into marketing so that I could learn it, so that I could then market myself to be successful.

Kesha: Exactly. With a little bit of elbow grease. I’m not just talking launch a website, put your demos on there, do a couple of Instagram posts here and there. Oh no. It is a full, like really to be honest with you, ever since I’ve experienced all of this success on Clubhouse, I am literally about to hire a social media manager, because I can’t handle everything right now.

Anne: Absolutely, yep.

Kesha: And it’s gonna help. It’s gonna totally help.

Anne: And let’s talk about how important it is for that to happen, because your connection, if people are on Clubhouse and they want to contact you maybe outside of Clubhouse for jobs, is you know, having you know, your social media channel set up so they can, they can email you, they can contact you through Twitter or Instagram. And it’s important that you have those things in place, saying that, “yeah, I’m a voiceover, I’m a voiceover talent.” Because If that’s what you’re doing and that’s your business, that’s where I believe your social media should at least, if somebody goes to your social media site, they should know you do voiceover.

Kesha: Absolutely, absolutely. And you have to be ready so you won’t have to get ready.