Finding Your Audition Process

with Kesha Monk

Do you have a process for your auditions? Anne and special guest co-host Kesha Monk share the tips and tricks that make their auditions stand out. Knowing what’s behind the words is just as important as setting the scene or creating your character. Anne Gangoogle it! Like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it. This episode will help make your next audition worth the listen.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Everyone has a different process for auditions, depending on the instructions given

  2. If you’re rushing to put out too many auditions, you can sometimes fall into the trap of “reading” the script without developing the scene

  3. Spend some time before you record an audition to research the product

  4. Spending more time preparing for auditions can help increase your booking rate

  5. For commercial auditions, find out as much as you can about the product, google it, look up recent commercials from that company on YouTube to understand the sound or trends in the videos

  6. Research the target audience of the advertisement. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can also help by telling you what other people are saying about the product 

  7. When given a celebrity reference, study their tone, cadences, and use of body, then channel that person during your audition. Don’t do an impersonation unless asked

  8. Use your body and hands when reading copy. It helps bring authenticity to your read.

  9. If you’re standing still behind the mic and not moving it can throw off your timing and sound “read”

  10. Give the casting director what they’re asking for, but don’t get lost in the specs. You can only be you

  11. As human beings, we connect to one another. Bring this to your auditions

  12. Before you submit to an agency, check out their roster and look for how you might fill a need. If someone is similar, do not submit 

  13. Find smaller agencies and production houses that don’t yet have someone with your voice

  14. Giving two takes on short copy, with different spins can help with your booking. If you can’t give a different authentic take, only submit one take

  15. A slate (or lack thereof) can make or break if a casting director will listen to the rest of your audition

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