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Voice and AI: Introducing Voiceweave

with Jennie Stenhouse

Imagine introducing yourself to potential clients in your own voice on Alexa! In this episode, Anne and guest cohost Jennie Stenhouse talk about how to use an exciting new offering for voice talent to add another dimension to your brand.

Listen to learn about Voiceweave* and expanding your reach by using new technology.

"The ability to hear about someone’s skills, expertise, and past work in their own voice increases engagement." - Jennie Stenhouse

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick Concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Voiceweave offers a service to create voice websites on Amazon Alexa

  2. With Voiceweave, it’s your voice, delivered seamlessly to Alexa-enabled devices

  3. Anyone can develop a “skill” for Alexa. You just have to get it certified

  4. Voiceover skills allow for a rich and compelling voice on Alexa, as opposed to an AI voice

  5. The ability to hear about someone’s skills, expertise, and past work in their own voice increases engagement

  6. Your voice will tell customers about the services you offer and allow them to send you an email or share with other people, all via voice commands

  7. Be as interactive and engaging as possible when recording voice prompts, so you stand out from Alexa

  8. Eventually, most voice artists will have these websites, so don’t get left behind!

  9. When using Voiceweave, you retain ownership of your voice

  10. Voiceweave is subscription-based, to maintain your voice on the site, and it’s determined by size

"We sell our voices to other business owners, and now we can use our voices to present our voices! " - Anne

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*Voiceweave is no longer accepting submissions*
Check out Anne’s Voiceweave site by saying “Alexa, open Anne Ganguzza’s voice” or by clicking here
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