Special Guest: Tim Paige

We all know that Anne would marry the internet if she could. But have you met her voiceover crush? Tim Paige has been leaving Anne swooning and smitten for years. Hear all about this charmer and his podcasting origin, his rise to voiceover frame, and his incredible business brain. Tim gives us the inside scoop on how to carve your own voiceover niche and revenue stream.  He’s super talented and totes adorbs!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Tim has a background as a webinar host.

  2. Tim left a job he hated (that was very lucrative) in order to pursue a passion for podcasts.

  3. He started his own podcast, making an introduction that caught the attention of other podcasters.

  4. He started charging to create Intros, Outros and rejoins for other podcasts.

  5. To date he’s done over 1200 podcast Intros.

  6. Tim was basically performing voiceovers before he really knew the ins and outs of the industry.

  7. You don’t need to bring attention to a mistake on-mic by apologizing – just ‘pick-up’ the take.

  8. Podcast voiceovers are so new, they aren’t well understood by agents, managers and even most voice actors.

  9. Most of the jobs are a buy-out since many podcast are small and not generating money.

  10. Podcast intros aren’t a radio read but are also not conversation. They fall somewhere in the middle.

  11. Voicing for a popular podcast can lead to additional work.

  12. Tim now runs a casting company for podcast intros and creates podcast intro demos for other actors.

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Anne: So Gabby, guess what?

Gabby: Mm-mm-mm?

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Gabby: Ho boy, this got me in trouble last time, so I, I don’t know. Tell us, Anne, what are you wearing?

Anne: Can you hear this? [inaudible rustling] [laughs]

Gabby: No, I hear nothing.

Anne: You know why, Gabby? Because I have —

Gabby: Why?

Anne: — a VO BOSS bracelet on.

Gabby: Ahhh. Very nice!

Anne: And it is a piece of awesome jewelry that does not make noise! I love it.

Gabby: No noise in the booth, that’s spectacular!

Anne: I love it, and every time I look at my wrist, it says “beauty, brains, BOSS.”

Gabby: People love those bracelets. People stop me, and they like grab a hold of me. People that aren’t even in voiceover, don’t even know what voiceover is. They’re like “oh my God, that’s so amazing,” and it really, it is. It’s such a powerful message we have on these.

Anne: You know what, I like to stack them, Gabby. We have them in soo many colors. I think I lost count of the colors.

Gabby: [laughs]

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Gabby: They are super inexpensive, they make awesome gifts for your voice actor buddies.

Anne: And the holidays are coming up, Gabby, so —

Gabby: Yeah. That’s true.

Anne: They could make great gifts. So show your BOSSness, and also help support the podcast. Welcome, everybody to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with my amazing, beautiful, VO BOSS bestie, Gabby Nistico. Hey, Gabby.

Gabby: Hey, hey!

Anne: [laughs] We have a guest that I’m so excited. A good friend of mine, someone that I met interestingly enough on a webinar a couple of — a few years ago, and I’ve been kind of tracking him ever since. He is an amazing voice talent, um entrepreneur, and just amazing, amazing guy that I think is going to have so much valuable stuff to share with our listeners today. I’m super excited to welcome Tim Paige to the podcast.

Tim: Hey, hey! Yeah, I hope I have something valuable to share. I mean —