Marketing: Advertising Your Voiceover Biz

Boost Your Post! Here’s $150 in free Google AdWords! We’ll get you to the top of the search engines! Ever feel like everyone is trying to sell you some form of web advertising for your business? The Bosses have been there too. In today’s episode we talk about what works, how to spend advertising money wisely and where not to invest.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Everyone is talking about social media and web advertising.

  2. So many companies are trying to get you to spend money.

  3. The Fizzle Podcast recently did an episode on social media ads so we are exploring these methods for VO.

  4. Advertising for voice actors should be very targeted to a super specific buying audience.

  5. Sometimes buying AdWords is simply about ensuring that you show up at the top of the list when someone searches the web.

  6. Targeted emails are very effective and self controlled forms of advertising.

  7. Repetition and nudging a client in your direction can be an effective long term strategy.

  8. Social Media ads let your clients get to know you better. And it’s a long game.

  9. The opportunity to have access to a buyer and remind them of what you do is critical.

  10. Email & physical mailing lists, phone numbers, etc. allow direct contact with a client.

  11. Advertising methods that come with vetted lists have greater returns.

  12. Social media ads can help you hook a buyer IF your buyer is “hanging out” on social media.

  13. Facebook’s reputation has taken a hit and people don’t trust it the way they used to.

  14. You could go broke boosting posts, so it makes more sense to drive your social media audience to your own website.

  15. Convert followers and friends into subscribers.

  16. These methods are lengthy and take time. None of it is quick.

  17. Start with organic SEO and advertising methods to better understand the process.

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