Marketing – Who Is Your Demo For?

Your demo isn’t like a painting or a photograph – it’s not art, it’s a promotional tool. But are you treating it as one? Are you seeking validation from the wrong audience? Who did you make that demo for anyway? See who has the soap and who has the box in this week’s episode. Join us as The Bosses talk demos.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Proper demo practices and standards should be followed.

  2. A demo should be made for a very particular audience and its job is to get you work.

  3. All demo audiences are singular and have different wants and needs.

  4. Voiceover actors love to listen to each other’s demos.

  5. But the opinion of another actor isn’t necessary helpful.

  6. You have to put the right demo into the hands of the right person.

  7. Ask for feedback carefully. Does this individual know the target market and audience?

  8. Hire and trust producers who know the genre and understand the market.

  9. Seek the experts in a particular field.

  10. Range& variety vary greatly depending on the type of demo you are making.

  11. Diversity of sound is not as diverse as it was in years past.

  12. Acting range and character voice range are not the same thing.

  13. New casting and new platforms are creating new, specific, industry demos that are only for that one platform.

  14. Even talent agents don’t need ALL your demos.

  15. Clients can and do still book you directly from your demo.

  16. Clients listen to a demo for application – are you displaying an application they need?

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