BOSS Mindset – Workaholic? No! Not Me!

If you’re a workaholic…you might want to start working on that! Voice actors are no stranger to the 24/7 work week. There’s good and bad sides of working around the clock and nobody knows better than the workaholic ying and yang, Gabby and Anne. They cover the pros and cons, what their work lives look like and give you helpful strategies to get the most out of your work week (which is hopefully only 5 days long).


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. There has to be something besides work to keep things fresh and creative.

  2. Take a vacation and just STOP

  3. Constant work is constant stress

  4. When you set work hours and take weekends off, you become more productive


  6. Make sure the hours you are working is filled with stuff that you love

  7. Not too long ago, the majority of businesses were closed on Sundays

  8. Is working around the clock creating guilt, hurting relationships or burning you out? Make a change!

  9. Self-care is the best thing a boss can do

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