Business of VO: Is This Job For Real?

There’s a Wild West out there with online and digital job opportunities. Which got the Bosses thinking, how do we know if a job is real? Is it possible we’re answering fake auditions? Voice actors record audition after audition and send them out into some unknown audio void. So how do we know if a job is real? Join the discussion in this week’s episode.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. At some point all voiceover actors question the legitimacy of a job they are auditioning for.

  2. But far too many of our auditions go unacknowledged. How do we know these jobs are even being filled or cast?

  3. Auditions for unknown products, services and companies should be briefly researched – not only to aid in winning the audition but also to confirm if it’s real.

  4. A lot of companies are trying to protect projects still in development by using a phony product or company name.

  5. Voiceover scams do exist but we aren’t talking about those.

  6. Instead this episode is about the vague jobs that lack casting details and come from a P2P or an unknown source.

  7. Typically agent originated jobs are valid and exist.

  8. Online casting companies feel a lot of pressure to show many auditions in order to show a value in the service actors pay for.

  9. Rarely does a paid service provider admit to a slow-down in auditions or casting opportunities.

  10. Entrepreneurs need to skeptical of online business and transactions. It would be unwise to naively assume all business is real.

  11. Voiceover actors are sometimes used for spec work or as placeholder or scratch voices.

  12. The company has no actual intent of fulfilling the casting with your voice. You may be a bargaining chip. This is seem a lot with video games

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