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Business of VO – Pay to Plays

This episode is not about the recent news, but rather a genuine talk between Anne and Gabby about the good and bad things Pay to Plays are doing for the voiceover industry.

They talk about some of the big players in Pay to Plays, share personal experiences they’ve had with them and talk about why it might NOT be the best place for VO beginners.

Check out Episode 16: Pay to Plays on iTunes, Stitcher or YouTube!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Pay to Plays can be a useful tool for your business, but they should not be a substitute for proper training and a professional demo for beginners.

  2. You should find clients from as many sources as possible. Do not rely only on P2P’s.

  3. has a variety of jobs, but you are limited in auditions unless you pay a premium

  4. is the first pay to play to only accept jobs with a specific budget. It has more limited opportunities for American jobs, but is an up and coming ethical P2P

  5. Avoid P2P’s that take hefty fees from your jobs or promote low rates

  6. Move your client relationships off the P2P’s and make that client YOUR client

  7. Say No to Cheap VO!

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