Business of VO – Part Time to Full Time

It’s one of the scariest leaps that voice actors make; the jump from working part-time in voiceover to full time. Don’t start biting your nails just yet! Boss Up with this episode as Anne and Gabby break down the pros and cons of moving from one to the other. Have no fear, the ladies are here to help you transition from PT to FT as smoothly as possible. And stick around after the credits for some hilarious outtakes!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Going from PT to Ft may not be an easy transition.

  2. Voiceover is NOT a side hustle.

  3. While you’re working for someone else you should focus on your voiceover education and properly funding that education.

  4. What do your clients need? Assess their needs first in determining if you should be PT or FT.

  5. Understand the demands of the different genres.

  6. Working from home is a big adjustment for most people.

  7. Marketing efforts are critical to the transition from PT to FT.

  8. Full-time voice actors spend at least 50% of their time marketing and promoting their skills.

  9. Have a financial cushion in place for the transition.

  10. Have an income replacement strategy.

  11. Don’t forget about Health Insurance!

  12. The transition involves your entire family and household. It affects everyone.

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Full Episode Transcript

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