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Bilingual VO in Action

with Pilar Uribe

Bienvenidos al podcast con Anne Ganguzza y Pilar Uribe! In this episode, your hosts cover how creating a great demo can get you booked without auditioning, the versatility of having multiple demos, and how being kind to everyone you meet is really the most underrated marketing technique…

Hola, BOSS Voces. In this episode, Anne & Pilar discuss auditioning, networking, marketing + working as a bilingual voice actor!

"Once you start learning, you’ll never return to a point where you don’t know anything." - Pilar

About Pilar Uribe

Pilar Uribe is a bilingual voice actor, telenovela star, and radio personality. Born and raised in New York City, she broke into show business with roles in Yo Soy Betty La Fea (Ugly Betty), Pobre Pablo, and El Cartel, filmed in Colombia and Miami. She recorded and produced for WLRN Miami-South Florida and now lives in Los Angeles, where she records voice over for television, radio, and films.

Pilar's Pointers

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Knowledge is something you’ll never lose. Once you start learning, you’ll always be accumulating information. #VOBOSS

  2. Keep up with your clients! Although sometimes booking feels like random luck, buyers always go to who is top of mind. #VOBOSS

  3. Although short term success is rewarding, play the long game! Keep up connections and hone skills that will lead you to your long term VO goals. #VOBOSS

  4. Keep your eyes + ears open. You never know who is going to be a valued business contact. #VOBOSS

  5. Be nice to everyone. #VOBOSS

  6. Translate positive attitudes to your digital persona. Enter a Zoom meeting the way you would an in-person meeting. #VOBOSS

  7. There’s always an opportunity to learn. #VOBOSS

  8. You can get booked off a demo, especially in this digital industry. #VOBOSS

  9. Having multiple demos can give you a leg up. For bilingual talents, that could mean a Spanish, English, and Accented Demo. #BOSSVOCES

  10. Bilingual voces! Don’t be afraid of your accent. It might be the key to booking in both languages! #BOSSVOCES

"There's always an opportunity to learn."- Anne

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