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Pilar's Journey Part 3

with Pilar Uribe

Moving from the closet booth to the…car booth? Anne and Pilar finish telling the story of Pilar’s Journey in Part 3 of the Boss Voces premiere. Listen as Pilar finally packs her car (+ her cat!) and moves to LA in hopes of establishing her VO career and signing with a big agency. It's been a wild ride, but things are really coming together now on the West Coast for Pilar...

In this episode, Anne & Pilar wrap up Pilar’s Journey, traveling from Miami to LA with nothing but a booth cat and some big VO dreams!

"Nothing will change until you decide to act on it." - Pilar

About Pilar

Pilar Uribe is a bilingual voice actor, telenovela star, and radio personality. Born and raised in New York City, she broke into show business with roles in Yo Soy Betty La Fea (Ugly Betty), Pobre Pablo, and El Cartel, filmed in Colombia and Miami. She recorded and produced for WLRN Miami-South Florida and now lives in Los Angeles, where she records voice over for television, radio, and films.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Don’t waste your time talking about what you want to do - put in the work in and make it happen!

  2. You’ll know when you’ve found the place you're meant to be. #VOBOSS

  3. Trust the timing of your career. Just as Pilar was thinking of moving to LA, she took a promising meeting with Atlas Talent.

  4. Don’t be afraid to take leaps of faith! With nothing but a meeting, Pilar packed up and moved across the country.

  5. Never underestimate the importance of your elevator pitch. Think of it as the one minute story of your life.

  6. Circumstances or space shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dream. For a few weeks, Pilar auditioned from a makeshift booth in her car!

  7. Leveling up comes with challenges. When Pilar started auditioning through her agents, she didn’t book anything for months...

  8. Working with an agent is a partnership. Pilar gets feedback on auditions, and works very closely with her agents.

  9. The VO world is a community. Put your ego aside + ask for help! Pilar was given places to record, coaching recommendations, and more by reaching out to her VO community.

  10. Pilar always has a beginner mindset. When she’s feeling stuck, she thinks of it from the angle of a beginner: how can she creatively overcome issues?

"Making decisions and putting plans in place is what creates change in business and in life." - Anne

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