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with Paul Stefano

In this episode, Anne welcomes special guest Paul Stefano to talk about using AI voices to your advantage, licensing, and working with ethical companies. Paul ― a voice talent and co-host of the VO Meter Podcast ― talks to the BOSSES about how to approach AI and use your synthetic voice to benefit your business. Did you know there may come a time when AI could help track unauthorized use of voices? AI is here to stay. Flexibility and the ability to pivot are essential skills for successful entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Paul Stefano shares ways to inspire yourself to grow your voiceover business in our evolving industry.

"I can be sitting in the yard enjoying a martini, while ‘Virtual Paul’ is securing an eLearning contract." - Paul Stefano

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick Concepts from today’s episode:

  1. Paul and Sean Daeley host the VO Meter Podcast

  2. Paul is over a voice-over recording gear geek!

  3. If you get out in front of AI voices, and license your voice, you can supplement your income

  4. When you license your voice it should only be licensed for a particular time, product, usage, and ideally, you renew these

  5. Unless you are getting paid at least 7 or 8 figures, you should not accept a job in perpetuity

  6. AI technologies will soon be able to help us track where our voices are being used and cut down on unlawful usage

  7. Entrepreneurs evolve with the market. AI is here, and we should work with it

  8. Working with AI is a good forward-thinking business decision

  9. If a company needs a voiceover to sound human, they will hire a human voice actor

  10. Our voices have more than likely been captured for years without our consent. This is a way to have control over the process

"If a company needs a voiceover to sound human, they will hire a human voice actor." - Anne

Referenced in this Episode

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Recorded on ipDTL

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