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The Future of VO

with Rudy Gaskins

Adaptability is your superpower. Keeping on top of changing trends, technologies, and reads is what makes a marketable voice actor. Co-Founder and CEO of SOVAS, Rudy Gaskins joins us this week to discuss how being adaptable will keep us working during the rise of AI voices. Join Anne and Rudy four our next installment of the voice and AI series where we discuss how to stay relevant, why now is the time to get in the AI game, and how the future of voiceover, both union and non-union may be impacted by this disruptive technology.

"Adaptability is your superpower." - Rudy Gaskins

About Rudy:

Rudy is the Co-founder, Chairman & CEO of the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences™ (SOVAS™), an international nonprofit corporation that oversees That’s Voiceover!™ Career Expo, the Voice Arts® Awards, and multiple programs providing training, education, academic/financial aid scholarships and career counseling for voice actors. Rudy has also worked on Union sound editing and music production.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Rudy encourages voice actors to be adaptable for career success

  2. There are many uses for AI voices that are critical for life and death situations. It’s not automatically about doom and gloom

  3. When you start to look at the “why of AI” and educate yourself, it may help to lessen your anxiety about it

  4. As AI becomes more prevalent, producers and consumers will likely realize that AI is not currently suitable for all genres

  5. If we put our heads in the sand and hope AI goes away, we may just find ourselves out of work

  6. Your voice is your own personal signature, that no amount of programming can replace

  7. The best AI is made by a real actor who can bring emotion and nuance to the story

  8. AI is in the beginning stages of being able to replicate emotions and nuance

  9. Make sure your human performance is better than an AI performance

  10. While consumers may not fully accept AI voices for characters or commercials at this point, it may be better than no voice at all

"Make sure your human performance is better than an AI performance." - Anne

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