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Resemble AI

with Zohaib Ahmed and Tanja Milojevic

With new AI technology, voice actors might be afraid of deep-fakes, or someone stealing their voice. But did you know that the same technology may be able to track where your voice is used and flag any deep-fakes? This week, we welcome Zohaib Ahmed, CEO of and Tanja Milojevic, voice talent and Community Manager. In addition to offering a variety of solutions for voice cloning, character voices, and other content building with synthetic voices, Resemble AI runs an open-source project called Resemblyzer which allows detection of deep-fakes or misuse. Listen in as we discuss the ethics, accessibility, and the importance of storytelling in AI voices.

"There is room for voice actors, and AI voices to help tell the stories in interactive media." - Tanja Milojevic

About Zohaib:

Zohaib Ahmed is the CEO of Resemble and oversees tech development. His previous experience includes leading engineering teams at Magic Leap, Deepen AI, Hipmunk, and BlackBerry. At Hipmunk, he was the lead engineer of the first AI Assistant for Travel, built using modern NLP techniques. Zohaib graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in computer science.

About Tanja:

Tanja Milojevic is highly motivated, talented, and dedicated to audio description. Tanja is working with Resemble AI to clone her voice and as the Community Manager. Tanja has worked on: Games (the gate, Flippd, and others in development), Audible (Baby Teeth), Pseudopod, Podcastle, Podscape, Radio Dramas (Edict Zero, What’s the Frequency, 11th Hour, You Are Here, A Scottish Podcast, Koach Studios, Electric Vicuna Productions, Campfire Radio Theater, All’s Fair, Organism, Greater Boston, Twilight Radio Theater, Misfits Audio, Darker Projects, Brokensea Audio, 19 Nocturne Boulevard, Audioblivious Productions, Icebox Radio Theater, The Grey Area, The No Sleep Podcast.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. With Resemble, voice actors can choose from three levels of control for use of their voice: No Control, Content Filters, and Full Approval.

  2. Resemble has thorough terms of service that spells out voice usage.

  3. There are two ways to record for Resemble: record samples on the Resemble website or upload previous materials.

  4. Resemblyzer is an open-source project that allows you to derive a high-level representation of a voice.

  5. Resemblyzer allows for detections of deep-fakes and synthetic voice misuse.

  6. Resemble has emotional gradients that can be added to their AI voices.

  7. Resemble can analyze audio, edit and supplement a voice actor’s work.

  8. Voice talent can use Resemble starting at $30 per month.

  9. Resemble’s marketplace can “score” voice samples based on professionalism, and companies can license these voices to use per character usage.

  10. Resemble wants voice actors to have a major role in the industry.

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