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Special Guest: Heather Costa

As a mom, wife and super talented VO actress, Heather Costa is a true example of what it is to be a VO B.O.S.S.!

Anne and Gabby sit down with Heather and talk about her recent move to L.A. from New York to further her voiceover career! Heather shares what her move was like, what steps she took prior to the move, the new opportunities she has in L.A. and what this means for her husband and two young boys.

If you’re wanting a glimpse into the life of a L.A. VO actor, this is the episode for you!


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. It’s not necessary, but moving to a major market city can help further your career!

  2. Make sure you have a solid foundation before you make a move just for voiceover. You can do a lot from wherever you live!

  3. Before making a move ask yourself, is this right for my goals? Is this right for my career? Is this right for my family?

  4. You don’t have to live in LA or NY to make it in voiceover, but for certain genres, it’s definitely helpful!

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