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Practice Makes Perfect - Refining Your Craft

The BOSSES talk about practice this week! Through personal anecdotes and expert advice, they reveal that practice isn't just about refining technique—it's a journey to discover new habits that can benefit your career. The BOSSES talk about why many voiceover students skip practice sessions and how accountability partners and workout groups can be game-changers in your pursuit of vocal excellence. The BOSSES discuss the risks of practicing without professional oversight, and how it can lead to bad habits that are tough to break. They shine a spotlight on the undeniable advantages of participating in structured groups like Audition Demolition and VO Peeps, which offer both expert feedback and the kind of networking opportunities that can kickstart a career. The BOSSES equate voice acting to mastering a musical instrument, asserting that progress requires commitment to practice beyond the four walls of coaching sessions.

In this episode, we give you strategies to practice in a way that truly improves your craft.

Chapter Summaries

(00:02) Improving Voiceover Skills Through Practice

Consistent practice and homework are crucial for personal and professional growth in voiceover work, aided by accountability partners and workout groups.

(08:05) Benefits of Professional Workout Groups

Peer workout groups can lead to bad habits, but structured groups offer feedback, networking, and progress through continuous practice.

(16:36) Stamina and Professionalism in Voiceover

Maintaining professionalism in virtual meetings, ongoing training and practice in voice acting, and the importance of stamina and feedback for growth.

(24:27) Tips for Voice Actor Stamina Building

Stamina for voice actors is built through consistent practice, exposure to feedback, and learning from others.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode: 1. Daily Practice: Voiceover artists should engage in daily exercises to improve their performance, refine their technique, and understand their artistic identity.

2. Importance of Homework: Consistent practice outside of coaching sessions is crucial for personal and professional growth in voice acting.

3. Accountability Partners: Having an accountability partner or joining a workout group can provide discipline and motivation to maintain regular practice.

4. Professional Workout Groups: Structured workout groups with expert oversight, such as Audition Demolition and VO Peeps, can offer valuable feedback and networking opportunities.

5. Risks of Peer Practice: Practicing without professional guidance can lead to bad habits. It's important to have a knowledgeable leader in peer workout groups to provide proper technique and form guidance.

6. Stamina and Professionalism: Maintaining a professional demeanor is essential, especially in virtual settings. Voice actors should work on building the stamina required for long sessions and performances.

7. Observing and Learning: Participating in groups allows voice actors to observe others, learn from various directors, and receive varied feedback, which is critical for growth.

8. Documenting Techniques: Voice actors should meticulously document new techniques learned from coaching to fuel continuous improvement.

9. Conducive Practice Environment: Creating a comfortable and conducive environment for practice helps maintain focus and enhances performance.

10. Consistency is Key: Progress in voice acting requires a commitment to consistent practice, whether it's daily or several times a week, to develop and maintain voiceover skills.

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