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Wisdom. Wealth. Health. You’re wiser just for being a VOBoss listener, and you’re working on the wealth part, but what about your health? Your business can’t be healthy if you aren’t! Voice actors are not immune to the healthcare crisis plaguing America. Today’s episode deals with meeting and navigating the healthcare needs of entrepreneurs. Plus, we encourage you to help aid the healthcare fight of one of our own.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode

  1. Listen to our previous episode on Chronic Illness for more insights into today’s discussion.

  2. Healthcare for freelancers is very different than what is offered by traditional employment means.

  3. Too many entrepreneurs look at their current health and user it as an excuse to push-off dealing with healthcare.

  4. Far too many self-employed people are one major health issue away from serious financial problems.

  5. It’s scary and many people to bury their heads in the sand and NOT deal with it.

  6. It’s a struggle for young, healthy people to navigate the healthcare system.

  7. Even with insurance coverage, healthcare is still very expensive and difficult to understand.

  8. As an industry, we are aging and healthcare concerns are everywhere in the acting arts.

  9. In recent years many crowd-sourced funds have been created for voiceover actors and their families with major health battles.

  10. Thankfully we are a generous industry and willing to help where we can.

  11. Paul Strikwerda’s blog addresses his own concerns with self-employed healthcare and his recent stroke.

  12. Ideally, someone in your household will retain traditional employment that offers healthcare coverage for you as well.

  13. Healthcare costs can be negotiated, paid-off over time, financed for low-interest rates, and in some cases reduced.

  14. It is illegal for a Healthcare company to negatively report you to the credit bureaus as long as you are making steady efforts to repay the debt.

  15. Sometimes a cash-pay price will cost you less than the insurance costs – always ask.

  16. Look into your options for a small group healthcare policy as a small business owner.

  17. Celia Siegal is battling cancer for the second time – we urge you to help her and her family.

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