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Business Superpowers

with Lau Lapides

The hardest boss you’ll ever work for is yourself. In this episode, Anne & Lau jump into Business Superpowers by recounting Lau’s many interesting jobs and career shifts. She has been an actor, a voice talent, a manager, a professor, but most importantly, she is fierce in the face of fear. If you feel nervous, excited, or scared about a new opportunity, run towards it. What’s the worst that could happen? Failures and mistakes teach you more than success ever will, and with every overnight success comes years of unnoticed hard work. If that’s not enough motivation for you, tune in for the full career deep dive with your favorite self-employed Bosses!

Anne kicks off the Business Superpowers series with special guest and co-host Lau Lapides by discussing Lau's diverse career journey...

"Put the key in the door, show up early, and do the work." - Lau

About Lau

Lau Lapides is Founder & President of Lau Lapides Company, a boutique coaching, training & production company for voice talent and actors. It has its headquarters in Boston with satellites in NYC, Miami and LA. Programs include hybrid online & in-person workshops, seminars, one-to-one personalized coaching, + showcases in NYC/LA and online. Lau’s media and broadcasting career coaches all work in television, film, radio and theatre. Their voices can be heard around the world.

Top 10 Takeaways

Quick-share concepts from today’s episode:

  1. There is no such thing as overnight success. #VOBOSS

  2. When you feel scared, know you are on the right path. You should feel challenged!

  3. Mistakes are the greatest teachers.

  4. Know that you will learn through failure and approach your next idea or project with essential knowledge. #VOBOSS

  5. As a teacher, learn as much as you can from your students. #VOBOSS

  6. Management is about balancing time & energy + the stamina to keep going.

  7. Being self-employed means being tough, strong, and vulnerable with and for yourself. #VOBOSS

  8. Whether or not you have employees, you will have to act as a manager in many facets of your career. #VOBOSS

  9. It is impossible to grow without delegating and letting go of control. #VOBOSS

  10. No studio is an island. Teamwork is essential. #VOBOSS

"To be successful, you have to put your faith in your team." - Anne

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