Boss Performance: Are You Ready For Your Close-up?

It’s not just voiceover, it’s voice ACTING! We are super excited to talk about acting in our first “Boss Performance” episode! Every read has a character, even eLearning and Corporate Narration. Join VO Boss Anne Ganguzza and special guest Liz Atherton as they discuss the importance of sharpening your acting skills and going beyond the read.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Acting is important as a voiceover artist

  2. Acting is the difference between being hired and not being hired

  3. The delivery and uniqueness of your voice is what will get you booked

  4. You must understand the character that you are before you step in front of the microphone!

  5. Even in eLearning and corporate narration, you are a character

  6. Your scene partner in voiceover, is usually the person listening

  7. Be the on-air commercial actor and talk to the person listening on the couch

  8. You have to be present and deliver your lines with sincerety

  9. Authenticity as the character is what gets you booked

  10. For every genre of voiceover you have to develpo who you are, and who you’re talking to

  11. Sometimes you need to channel a person that you know

  12. When you walk in to the booth, you want the director to be able to feel you as that character

  13. Dress in character, yes, even in your booth

  14. As your character, what were you doing before the script started?

  15. It’s important in the middle and in between sentences, that you are in a scene

  16. There should be movement in a scene

  17. You must respond to what is happening in the scene

  18. If you’re talking to a kid, talk down to a “booth buddy” who is the height of a child

  19. Imagine that the person you are talking to is right behind your copy

  20. Everybody can buy good equipment and have a professional studio, but you need to be able to act, to have your niche

  21. If you’re not able to act, AI bots can take your job

  22. Take an acting class

  23. Take improv classes

  24. Work with voiceover coaches consistently throughout your career

  25. If you wouldn’t pause when you’re speaking naturally, don’t pause in your script

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