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The AI Voice Industry

with Jennie Stenhouse

Anne welcomes guest series co-host, AI voice developer Jennie Stenhouse! Anne and Jennie discuss the voice industry and what it includes (smart speakers, virtual assistants, etc.). Listen to this episode to learn from these two BOSSES why AI is not scary and how the human voice still enhances virtual experiences. Embrace evolving technology like a #VOBOSS.

In this episode, Jennie discusses how voice actors can and should learn to embrace AI technology.

"None of the technologies can really compete with the human voice, where the human brains are hardwired to instantly recognize noise that is speech." - Jennie Stenhouse

Top Takeaways

Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. “The Voice industry” includes everything from smart speakers (Alexa), to niche production voice assistants and virtual assistants, as well as the people who develop and work with these technologies

  2. The Voice Industry is a crossover between AI, voice production, commercial experiences, and a whole lot of marketing and data recognition with the goal of improving everyday life

  3. Voice artists should be educated about AI

  4. AI technology cannot currently compete equally with the human voice

  5. Humans are hard-wired to recognize authentic human speech 

  6. Even the best synthetic voices do not sound completely natural, yet

  7. China is leading the way in voice recognition and AI, and they have used voice artists to record these voices and make them sound more human

  8. As a voice artist, make sure your contracts are very specific on how your voice will be used

  9. Voice fingerprinting is becoming more popular

  10. Voices are so unique you can identify stress, and even illness just by listening to someone’s voice

"I want to be hopeful about the future and how voice technology can help." - Anne

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