Marketing: Content Marketing for VO – Part 2

VO Boss and Host Anne Ganguzza continues the conversation with Pamela Muldoon, Content Marketing professional and VO Talent. This is Part II of their content marketing conversation where they talk mindset to methodology. Learn some actionable steps you can take today to put your VO business on the right path with content marketing.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. If you are wondering which type of content to create, you are asking the wrong question.

  2. What are the key questions to ask when starting with a content marketing strategy?

  3. What is the Content Ideation Process and how can I use this to develop the right content for my audience?

  4. Developing a Buyer Persona is the first step in creating great content.

  5. Aligning your Buyer Persona to a customer journey is an important step to ensuring you are getting the right content in front of your audience at the right time.

  6. The more focused you are, the more money you make.

  7. 60-70% of a sale actually happens online without ever actually talking to a person.

  8. Content attracts more qualified visitors to your website. Take the time to map out content and all of your marketing improves.

  9. Speak the language of your clients and they will trust you faster. Content marketing allows the ability for your audience to know, like and trust you.

  10. Content marketing, regardless of the type of content, can be the fastest and most efficient way to become an authority in your industry.

  11. Creating content in the way that people are searching will improve your SEO. Clients are buying through the power of search.

  12. Consider search when setting up your demos on your website.

  13. Don’t let technology hold you back. Content starts with you and its imperative to get content on your website that matters.

  14. Quality of content vs. quantity of content: Which is more important? It’s critical to find the balance of quality and consistency to gain real traction with content marketing.

  15. Quality content is critical to attracting your qualified leads.

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