Marketing: Content Interrupted

with Pamela Muldoon

Boss Anne Ganguzza welcomes a new special guest co-host: Content Strategist and VO Actress Pamela Muldoon! Pamela has been listed as one of the Top 50 Women in Content Marketing and named one of the 20 Women to Watch from the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA). Her success formula incorporates a winning combination of marketing tech, data, and storytelling through content development. Pamela will be with us for a series on content marketing and how it can help elevate your business, like a BOSS! This week we’re talking about marketing in the time of COVID-19. Pamela and Anne discuss the “new normal” for content marketing and how to adapt in “these trying times”.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. At the end of the day, if you have content that your audience is seeking or needs to hear, then you’re going to build an audience.

  2. When the pandemic first started, all of the commercials started to sound the same

  3. All of the commercials with “we’re here”, was the company’s ways of being sensitive

  4. Ads are now reflecting the reality that we live in, with curbside pickup, etc.

  5. Brands know they have to get back to business. You can’t just live in the “unprecedented time” mode for a year.

  6. People are looking for hope. The message and the voice that goes with that message is one that requires a sense of hope.

  7. Marketing messaging is adjusting to what is happening; from addressing how to buy from them, to what is open, to what to expect next.

  8. Your audience is online now more than ever. Are you out there sharing your information? Sharing your story?

  9. You must pay attention to the marketing climate when planning your campaigns

  10. People are getting angry or tired, and looking for some form of hope

  11. The voice performance has also had to evolve during this crisis

  12. You’re still marketing to sell a product and service in the long run, but there’s a very different story to get there

  13. Now more than ever, content marketing is critical

  14. Businesses are scared — they need to keep afloat

  15. There’s definitely going to be an evolution of businesses that do survive

  16. Technology companies are thriving, while retail suffers.

  17. Online businesses have a leg up

  18. You need to get yourself to an online business in order to be able to survive

  19. The benefit of this crisis is the emergency can make plans to move online happen in a faster way than the original plan

  20. We all have the ability to make change happen, it’s these urgent opportunities that push this change to happen more quickly

  21. If you want to survive, your company will have to pivot, make changes

  22. If we’re not willing to make a change or put in extra effort to stay afloat, it’s probably not worth your time to stay in voiceover.

  23. We all have the ability to make change happen. When urgency forces us, it also proves to us we can make a change.

  24. Is it a ‘new normal’? What do you need to be doing to move into the new future of work.

  25. The domino effect of high unemployment will affect the opportunities of work in the near future.

  26. How companies handle their employees and their messaging during this time will play into how some customers will or will not continue to buy or purchase from them.

  27. Pay attention to what industries are growing during this time and how can you connect to companies associated with these industries.

  28. It takes effort to evolve and pivot your business to accommodate the “new norm” (which is still evolving)

  29. The month of May has had 20% employment, so you have to take into account the domino effect

  30. As a brand, you have the potential to really build a narrative around this crisis

  31. We spend our money based on our morals, beliefs, and value systems

  32. People are seeing the morals, ethics, and, values of companies when their backs are against the wall