LIVE from VOA – Special Guest: Tre Mosley

Live from VO Atlanta! Anne and Gabby head to Atlanta for their first ever live podcast! During the VO Atlanta conference, they met up with two kick butt bosses who graciously offered us some insight into their bossness. First up is Tre Mosley! Tre talks about his high and low times in the VO world, how the voiceover community has treated him, his go-to marketing secrets and some encouraging words for all of us in the VO biz.


Quick Concepts from Today’s Episode:

  1. Cold calls/emails WORK!

  2. Save your money for the months when you don’t have a lot coming in

  3. Put on your Rambo Boots and go hard on the marketing

  4. Don’t box yourself into one thing

Referenced in this Episode

Direct links to things we brought up ++

VO Atlanta
Tre’s Website
Tre’s Facebook


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Gabby: I love that.

Anne: Because —

Gabby: I want to touch rings. I want to touch rings.

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Gabby: That’s right.

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Anne: [laughter]

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Anne: And now, on to today’s episode. Hey, guys. It’s Anne and Gabby, and we are here with a special podcast episode for you guys, coming to you live from VO Atlanta.

Gabby: This was recorded during the show, and we are very excited to have an incredibly special guest with us, the awesome Tre Mosley. Let’s take a listen to our talk with him at VO Atlanta 2018.

Anne: Welcome, everybody, to the VO BOSS podcast. I’m your host, Anne Ganguzza, along with my beautiful — yay! –boss best he, — bestie, Gabby Nistico.

Gabby: Hey.

Anne: Hey, Gabby.

Gabby: Hi. [laughter] So we never do this live.

Anne: This is so weird.

Gabby: This is the first time we have ever recorded live.

Anne: Look at me looking at you.

Gabby: I know, I know. I’m like freaked out. Stop, stop looking at me. Don’t, don’t look at me. I can’t — We’ve never actually —

Anne: You are so much prettier in person.

Gabby: Aw.

Anne: Not that you are not pretty.

Gabby: Aw. Well, you’re pretty too.

Anne: Aw.

Gabby: Tre, you might have to leave now.

Tre: OK, well.

Gabby: It’s getting a little too personal. [laughter]</